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Andersen window replacement Bucks County Pa If you are in the market for new windows, you want the job done right. First you want the right window and this generally is found with the right installation company. If you
have been looking for any amount of time, you have probably suffered through at least one sales presentation. The salesperson probably soured you on meeting with anyone to discuss windows, at least for a while. No one likes to be pressured. If you think about it, if a salesperson has to pressure you something must not be right. It is probably the price is really high or the offering is not that high in quality.

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We will never pressure you. We feel this is wrong. We offer the finest in products and the finest in installation. Andersen windows have been a mainstay in fenestration for a long time. The windows are high quality and they last. Many builders have installed them for years. In the retrofit marketplace, it was touch and go as far as getting them to fit the various openings in the field. A window made to fit in a full framed unit (not a replacement window) that requires removal the existing frames is the best value for the money. Insulating the original openings is imperative to a quality installation.

E Series by Andersen Windows When Andersen acquired Eagle Windows, for which we have been a long time advocate, we were concerned as to the affect on the product this would cause with the new ownership. We were very pleased when we ordered our first E Series Windows by Andersen. They are even better than before!
Image to the right: Andersen Casement - Terratone - Stained Fiber Cement Siding - See our Photo Gallery
Andersen Casement Terratone Framed in Wood S
Bucks County CReal Wood Framed Windows
Eagle windows with special grills

Above: Eagle WIndows with Specialty Grills, Crown Moldings and Trim set into Stained Nichiha Shake Siding.

Window replacement should be insulated

The fiberglass and vinyl framed replacement windows cannot compare in quality to a real wood framed, solid window properly installed and insulated by a craftsman of the trades. We do not particularly care for aluminum capping, which is used everywhere in the industry. See some of the stories on our site:

Windows, PHANTOM LEAKS, and the Big Box Stores

Call us today for a no-hassle estimate on your windows. It takes less than an hour, usually. We will promptly send you an estimate and you decide. You may be surprised at our prices. You will be satisfied with our installation.

Andersen Bow Window Bucks County
  Above: Andersen Bow Window - Copper Roof - Fiber Cement Siding

Did you know that the number one complaint in the window industry has to do with the cold perimeter?

In the winter, on many "pop-in" replacement installations, the perimeter of the window is noticeably cold. This is the area that is neglected in most window replacement jobs.

We have become very proficient at what we do and you may be surprised at our estimate. Give us a call today for a hassle-free estimate for your new windows. It only takes about an hour to measure and give you some information and we will not pressure you. Please look through our website and read what we say about high pressure window sales.









Website written by, Robert Wewer 

Website written by, Robert Wewer 
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