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Mold in the attics, basements & crawlspaces of buildings can be a health hazard. Of course there are the areas in between the attic and the basement where mold may be a problem, but these areas are usually accessible and addressed in the cleaning of the living or working areas of the building, unless mold is growing within the structure. Growth within the structure usually warrants the removal of wall-board or ceiling materials to access the infested areas.

We concentrate on attic mold and basement mold here because these areas are the most prevalent for mold growth. The seriousness of the problem is understated by some that scoff at the potential for real health issues of some individuals. Some people are not as susceptible to mold allergens, but for others, mold can cause serious respiratory problems and even death.

  black mold must be kept wet when removing
  Black Mold - The most toxic
  Mold remediation and restoration
    As moisture continues to condense on the floor above, basement mold grows...

Mold is very serious and its potential to impact human life indoors should never be underrated. The fact that mold is serious should not be used to scare or create urgency for a mold abatement company's self-serving sale to a client. This is precisely why several government agencies advocate that consumers should use a different company for testing than the one used to remove the mold. The propensity for ?conflict of interest? is often stated, but more over is the propensity to inflict fear and to manipulate the facts to move a consumer into signing a contract without fair competition allowances.

We are not health professionals, nor are we biologists. We remediate mold problems. We do not exert pressure upon our clients.

Why is the words "remediation" and "abatement" used to describe what we do?

Mold Remediation & Mold Abatement

Remediation: The act or process of correcting a fault or deficiency; per The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition  


Abatement: the act or state of abating or the state of being abated; reduction; decrease; alleviation; mitigation; per Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, ? Random House, Inc. 2011.

The terms ?remediation? and "abatement" are used simply because no one can eliminate mold completely. It will always be around and may return if you do not attack the source of the problem. If you have a mold problem, there is a ?fault or deficiency? that must be "alleviated" and a condition that must be "mitigated." The conditions present that caused a favorable environment for the mold to flourish must be altered. Removal of the mold is not enough. Either in the lifestyle, construction, or other existing elements of day-to-day life there are contained the ingredients that foster mold. Usually found in areas that are hidden or overlooked in everyday life, homeowners are surprised by mold when it is found. Many times, only then are the problems that are experienced because of the mold associated with it and the realization made that mold is a real problem.

"Removal of the mold is not enough."

Mold is the quiet, subtle plague that grows in darkness. It does not have to be the monster it can become. Once discovered, a plan needs to be implemented. Getting rid of the mold is always first on the agenda, but the root cause of the mold has to be addressed to prevent the return of the organism. The ?remediator? should offer a total plan to change the situation that fostered the mold.


"...the root cause of the mold has to be addressed to prevent the return of the organism."

    mold on a ceiling
    Mold shows up on ceiling surface, but the roots go much deeper..
    Call us for the truth about mold remediation

Attic Moisture feeds mold, mildew and rot.


The environment does not have be necessarily caustic to mold to prevent it. In killing mold, precautions should be made to protect the inhabitants of the building. Killing mold does not have to kill you! Heavy chemicals should not be used as they are not necessary. The aquatic plant organism needs to be killed with as simple a method as is possible. We have found that the use of surfactants are the least impactive of the environment of the human condition. We also have experienced great success with a mixture (biodegradable mixture of cationic detergents and fatty alcohols) originally formulated for use by the federal government for elimination of biohazard WMD. This formula is much less caustic than chlorine and works very well to eliminate heavy mold infestations emitting toxins into the environment from buildings and surrounding areas. The type of products we use on a given case have mainly to do with the severity of the situation, but peripheral environmental impact weighs highly on the choice of products used.

Homeowners that attack mold with chlorine and household chemicals have to be careful. The concentrations of these chemicals needed to kill the mold can kill you! Contact with mold can cause the spread of its spores. Mold has to be removed while saturated and wet so to contain its spores. Chlorine tends to dry too fast to allow absorption into the roots of the mold. It will work to clean surfaces but the roots of the mold will often remain if you use chlorine.

    basement mold
Mold on masonry in basement...
    It is entirely possible that a moist basement is not showing signs of dampness. Many times, moisture will rise up from crawlspaces and basements that lack a vapor barrier. No mold being present does not mean that mold may not be fed by a moist source such as a basement floor that does not have a vapor barrier. Do the ?doormat test? listed on our ?Phantom Leaks? page to find out if your basement has this issue.

We mechanically remove mold and contain the heavy concentrations first after wetting the mold with a special mix of surfactants. We reapply the same mild chemicals to contain and kill the roots and clean the areas infested with mold. We then apply a mold encapsulate that prevents the return of the mold growth.

More important than the removal of the mold is the prevention methods we offer that prevent the mold from returning. We offer a comprehensive solution and we do the work so that you don't have two contractors pointing fingers at each other in the event of a return of the mold. We warrant our work and we guarantee that if the mold ever returns, we will return and address the problem free of charge..

    We offer basement waterproofing and crawlspace ventilation and vapor barriers to control moisture from below.
    We offer attic ventilation, air sealing and insulation to prevent mold from returning.
    Call us today as just a single self-serving approach by an applicator or (one trick pony) contractor may leave you very unhappy as the mold returns with a vengeance.

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