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Total Rebuild

The builder’s work was so bad that we had to totally rebuild this deck and even redesign some of the very poor workmanship and details. This is a rare case where we heard of a homeowner actually recouping something form a terrible builder. This video, no doubt shamed him into owing up to the errors. See more about it by clicking on the red tab.

9 min. Youtube Video
repairs to fiberglass

Fiber Cement Walls & Dummy Wall Takedowns

It will be hard to find another contractor to do what we did in this video. We remove ‘Dummy’ Walls that leak and replace them with railing. We remove stucco and install fiber cement siding but only after fortifying the flashings. We remove metal parapet tops and replace them with fiberglass. We repair the errors, repair the structure and install permanent cladding that will not leak.

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railings and pergolas on roof decks

Fiberglass Walls

We always try to make things better when we leave then they were when we first arrived. This particular job in Manayunk was absolutely unbelievable when we arrived. We had a makeshift Green Roof with all kinds of penetrations in the field leaking like a sieve with stucco walls. We installed fiberglass cladded walls and we rerouted many of the penetrations so that they exited the vertical walls. Take a look at this quick photo walk through by clicking the red tab below.

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roof deck replacements philadelphia

Roof Deck Rehab

DELCO rehab on an old deck, new railings, etc. This was a rebuild that had some challenges with the work of others that preceded us. This was done on an existing old property. We went to great lengths to make this something special for our clients. Click the link for pictures.

5-1/2 min. Youtube Video
repairs to fiberglass


Nestled in a hillside, this is one unique property designed and built by one with an eye for unique expression in architecture. We like to think that ours is a purpose of accompaniment to the design that enhances the this one-of-a-kind relic. Don't miss the video. Click on the red tab below

13 min. Youtube Video
railings and pergolas on roof decks

Post Mounts

We take particular care in the attachment of any item onto or around our roof decks. It is of utmost importance to get the details correct, lest we have failure down-line. See video by clicking the red tab.

12-1/2 min. Youtube Video
deck raailing philadelphia

Lighted Posts

This is another example of how we do things. We don’t shortcut. Take a look at the video of how it was and now, how it is. No other contractor can do this! See the video by clicking the red tab.

5-1/2 min. Youtube Video
roof deck contractor philadelphia


This is another example of how we go the extra mile to complement the existing architectural expression of a property. We design as well as install.

3 min. Youtube Video
custom fiberglass roof deck work

Copper/Fiberglass Parapet Top

This is another job that no other contractor can do. We use all of out experience to arrive at a plan adn then we execute it to produce custom work that enhances the property.

3-1/2 min Youtube Video
repairs to fiberglass

Rod Railing

We can install specialty railings like the horizontal aluminum Rod Railing. Click on the red tab below to see a short video of a job we did on Webster St.

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railings on fiberglass decks

Specialty Railings & Privacy Barriers

We can install Privacy Fences in lieu of railings & Glass Railings. Click the link for pictures.

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leak repairs on decks
About Us

Experience Matters

We have the knowledge. We have the experience. No other company comes close to our level of expertise. Since 1978 we have serviced the exterior needs of clients throughout the Delaware Valley. We entered Philadelphia in 2010 to answer the calls for repair and replacement of the many roof decks created by single-trade applicators in the city. Many mistakes were made and many repeated in repair efforts. The same people that created the problems are now engaged in the cleanup and repair of the problems they created! Because a roof deck is damaged or leaking does not mean that the cause is obvious. Quite often problems arise from sidewalls and doors and areas where the inexperience of the typical fiberglass technicians makes for return trips and ultimate costly failure. Don’t repeat the cycle!


Our techs have knowledge of all facets of your rooftop that can affect the success of the installation.


They are trained and overseen by seasoned life-long trade professionals.

Some Facts

The same people that created the problems are now showing up to sell you more! They all try to do what we do…

On most decks with issues, it will take so much more than a fiberglass sub-contractor to fix the problem. Builders use sub-contractors and our competitors use the same ones! This is sad but true. Most decks that we are called out on have been repaired several times before our arrival. Some have even been coated with silicone or latex which makes out job even harder and more expensive for the homeowner. Call us and get the most comprehensive report available regarding the health of your deck and accompaniments – FOR FREE.

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There really is a difference...

Costly mistakes are being made that lead to major down-line expense. Don't trust the idea of saving money with silicone, pvc, latex or even non-traffic bearing products. Trust the pros of FSI.

Every year a new company, or two will pop up to take the place of the ones that folded last year. It is sad but true. Stay with us and we will stay with you with the best warranty coverage in the business.

Our Commitment

We Have Been A Trustworthy Company Since 1978


You have our word that our main focus is doing right by you. We will inspect your deck and accompaniments free of charge and you will receive a true report as to the condition with options that fit your needs. We will not lie to you to make a buck. We will not withhold information in order to present a proposal knowing that you will be hit with additional charges later. Contractors do this and it is wrong. We only offer what will work because we will be here tomorrow to service our work.


We are family run and we care. We care about getting the details right first. Profit is a reward and it comes after the job is done right. Every member of our team will value your home as if it were their own. We are clean, respectful, honorable and we do the right thing every day. That is why we have become the roof deck company trusted by more homeowners than any other by far in the city of Philadelphia.


We stand behind our work for 10 years. We will show up to service our workmanship free of charge in response to your request. We put it in writing on day one when you receive your estimate.

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