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Don't repeat the cycle! The same installers that created the problems are now returning to sell you repairs!


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If you have stucco on the walls, you want one contractor to remedy the situation. Stucco Remediation done with these decks should not be done with multiple companies. Stucco in Philadelphia.


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The Subcontractors that create these problems are actually now in the business of fixing their own problems at your expense! DO NOT REPEAT THE CYCLE! The builders use these cheap subcontractors in the creation of the problems and now they want you to pay them again. You need an experienced company that stands behind their work. 10 Year Warranty on repairs.

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The leaks in the city are often are not caused by the fiberglass reinforced membrane, but other items that can cause problems. We have extensive experience in exterior cladding. A quick look at our main site will reveal the depth of our capabilities. The link is on the top of this page. Free Estimate link is below (in green).

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Fiberglass is the finest low sloped cladding in the world. It is traffic bearing and monolithic and it lasts indefinitely! Everyone seems to want a fiberglass roof deck in the city and we receive a lot of calls for them. A rooftop deck is most desirable as an outdoor extension of the living area. There are many fiberglass roof decks in the city of Philadelphia and it seems there will be no decrease in the growth of the membrane’s popularity.



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Philadelphia Roof Deck Repairs

What is not widely known is that the structure under a deck must be formidable and a standard roof structure will not do the job. One should not even consider a roof deck unless the framing is adequate to hold a roof deck. There are contractors treating standard roofing situations as if they can just change to a new membrane (fiberglass) and give the client what they want. CONTACT US

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Like any job, planning and preparation are so important. A fiberglass deck must be thought out and a plan must be in place for structure, slope, substrate, etc. Vertical walls rising up above the plane of the deck with the associated window and door penetrations are especially vulnerable to moisture penetration. Directional winds pound walls and entry points and improper cladding and/or flashing leads to leakage which can wreak havoc to a good deck and structure below. CONTACT US

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Philadelphia’s fiberglass market has exploded but not without some issues as the tax abatement plan has been like blood in the water for the profit sharks in revitalization. Builders are making the same mistakes over and over as they engage the services of single-trade applicators (subcontractors). We are often called in to fix the problems. You may have visited this site today to find an answer to a problem that you are experiencing. We have 40 years in this business and we can help.

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Trade knowledge is our strong suit. To remedy issues that can be complex, single-trade installers are not going to be your answer. The mentality that caused the problem cannot solve it. Don’t repeat the cycle!  

Don't use subcontractors

Our “competition” (and we use that term loosely here) in fiberglass are using subcontractors. Often the very people that created the problem you are experiencing are called upon to remedy the situation under a new banner or business. The repair contractors are repeating the cycle. We know this because we often are fixing work that has been done over multiple times before our arrival and with the same mistakes repeated, over and over again. 

We know that when the building code is vague and designates the “manufacturer” specifications as the reference for specifics:  You have a problem!  The single-trade installer is the manufacturer!  Purchasing the raw fiberglass materials and building the roof deck, the subcontractor is the manufacturer.  The single-trade applicator works with no oversight!  Building and Code Enforcement do not oversee nor do they inspect:  This is the sad reality.  Your builder does not know anything about the intricacies of fiberglass roof deck installation.  So the installers are the only quality-control you have.  This is absolutely dangerous as the builder searches the marketplace for the cheapest installers he can find to do the job.   Then they are turned loose to create and install rooftop decks with zero oversight!


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Short list - We have experience in the trades encompassing much more than contained below


STOP THE CYCLE! If you have a problem with a fiberglass roof deck and have had it repaired numerous times only to have leaks return, you know all too well that leaks can be hard for single-trade applicators to diagnose. In an industry suffering from single-trade applicators (subcontractors), we endeavor to stop the cycle of narrow-mindedness that transcends the trades and those that oversee them.  We are family run, have 40 years of trade knowledge in all facets of exterior cladding and we do not rely upon subcontractors.


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It is of profound importance that a rooftop contractor have not only extensive expertise in the particular cladding application to be installed or repaired, but complete knowledge of all elements of the construction that affect the specific application. In the case of fiberglass, all too often experts in this product with their very narrow knowledge base embark on the creation or repair of areas pertaining only to their skill set. Often the cause of the problem that has caused damage is completely overlooked. Knowledge of how leaks originate and affect their work is often missing in their understanding. Builders today rely upon applicators who may be very good at what they do but are inept at seeing potential problems. Where one “expert” applicator leaves off and another applicator's work intersects, often the “train wreck” occurs. Carpenters, Stucco and Siding applicators, Door and Window installers, Gutter installers and Plumbers and HVAC experts all can cause big problems as they intersect at the roof line. The builder very often never sees the issues coming. The applicator's job is to apply his or her product. We head off problems so often overlooked by single-trade applicators.  We offer complete analysis on repair work.

In the case of rooftop fiberglass cladding, many of the tried and true specifications of the old-school roofers apply. Most fiberglass applicators have zero roofing experience. Building codes do not address the unique aspects of fiberglass roof decks. Architects and builders are in the dark. There are no manufacturer specifications because the applicator is the manufacturer, combining raw materials on site to produce the custom product. The single-trade applicator armed with limited knowledge is charged with the specifying, manufacturing and installation. The need for reinforcement plies at stress points is often overlooked or skipped. Bonding the fiberglass to metal elements always fails in the field. Virtually every metal drain or Scupper Box in the field leaks. The need for Door Pan flashing is either not known or overlooked.

There is no reason that these roof decks cannot be installed correctly with a lifetime expectancy of leak-free service. There must be more attention to detail that exceeds the need for profit. We lead the way in changing the industry with our attention to all aspects of the construction and how everything affects the cladding at the roof line. We have the trade knowledge of every aspect of construction. We guarantee that we can do the job right after careful review of the site.

We plan ahead for success and will never start a job without a complete plan.  Our abilities are not limited to fiberglass.  Our trade knowledge is unsurpassed with multi-trade abilities.   Often single-trade specialists cause more problems from operating with blinders on their eyes for ancillary items and other trades.  Don’t repeat the cycle!  Call us today for a comprehensive quote.


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What you need is more than a fiberglass mechanic.  Where one trade subset leaves off and the next picks up, often a train-wreck occurs because lack of knowledge and/or caring.  Single trade applicators often point their fingers at each other when a problem arises.  Take some time and look over our main website (link listed above).  We are experienced in all areas of external cladding.  We fix leaks caused by others.  Knowledge is the difference that makes out work last.   

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A fiberglass roof deck is a roof.  If done properly it is the best roof money can buy.  If done by a boat or surfboard builder, or even a young single-trade novice, chances are problems may arise in the integration of this type of system into the building envelope.  Fiberglass does not change roofing theory, so finding a seasoned roofing and siding (or wall cladding) expert that does fiberglass is imperative.  You have found just the right people to do your work!  Contact us today.

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We stand behind our work.  Even with repair work, we are so confident in our workmanship that we offer a full 10 year warranty. 


Most of our work is done in Philadelphia in the repair of the work of other applicators. Often, the jobs we do have been revisited or repaired several times before our arrival and to no avail. 10 Year Warranty on repairs.


We plan new installations and ensure all elements are in place, such as proper framing (to support a deck), adequate slope, multiple layers of plywood (for minimal deck deflection), proper counter flashings or wall cladding (never vinyl siding as it leaks), proper drainage, framing, etc. Once the proper elements are in place, we proceed with superior preparation (which ensures proper lamination without resin deprived voids and pockets), 2 oz. fiberglass layup and gel coat. We never cut our resins and gel coat with acetone (a common and serious error in the industry). Completed jobs should last for 12 to 15 years before a new gel coat is needed and if properly maintained, a fiberglass roof deck can last for many decades.


Take a look at some of our completed job photos depicting jobs where we planned our decks with period-accurate accompaniments. Fiberglass is often misunderstood by the building industry and creative latitude usually accompanies its use, almost like builders go wild with ideas when their exotic inhibitions are unleashed. This can lead to trouble, however as the basic olde-world exterior cladding disciplines remain valid in this new age method. Even though fiberglass is not new, with our first job in service now 35 years, its integration into modern building as a major methodology has only taken off over the last decade, or so. Period accuracy design and provision is of utmost importance on older homes. Contemporary architecture requires restraint as we insist on counseling the associated trades as to their applications so our work is not compromised. We ensure a complete and comprehensive job and we put out name on it!

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