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mold spores Have you discovered Mold in your home?

Typically, with a musty smell, mold tells a homeowner that it is present within the home. Possibly you have noticed black mold spores in areas of your attic or basement. When you notice the presence of mold, call us right away. Black mold, the most common of the non-food type of household molds represents approximately 50 types. Black mold is very toxic and it can even kill with the mycotoxins emitted by the organisms.


mold_man_suit Preventing Mold Means Preventing Moisture

Moisture is the element that can be controlled, thereby limiting the growth of the organism. In basements and crawlspaces, mold will grow from water and condensing moisture rising up from the ground water aquifer. A simple basement floor or crawlspace that does not have a vapor barrier (very common) can become a moisture conduit. Moisture travels up and through the concrete floor and into the basement air, where it is picked up and pushed into the living area by the winter heat sources of the dwelling. The moisture mixes with the living area air, raising the humidity of the air. To check the humidity of the basement or crawlspace, use a hygrometer. Digital, wireless models are on sale online. A simple Cigar Store hygrometer is relatively cheap. Measure the relative humidity of your basement or crawlspace. Winter levels should not exceed 30% relative humidity. The ?doormat test? as we have described on our website, will allow you to ascertain if your basement or crawlspace floor has a vapor barrier. This is your first step.

Basement Mold basement mold      

You Need To Know and Measure Your Home's Air Moisture Content

Next, the living areas of your home need to be measured. The relative humidity of the living area should be around 40% in the winter. Many times, forced-air heating systems have humidifiers attached. These units intent purpose is to make the interior environment more comfortable. These units can over compensate and emit too much moisture, especially if ancillary moisture is present. Dehumidifiers are commonly used, especially in the basement to reduce moisture.

wet insulation mold

Attic Moisture and Mold

The attic becomes the repository for excess water vapor in the home during the winter months. Because the heating system pushes moisture upward, airborne water vapor is pushed through gaps and ?chases? in the top floor ceilings. One floor Rancher style homes seem to have more incidences of attic moisture. Also homes that have recent additions of insulated siding and efficient windows, may see new attic moisture and mold growth because of the tighter walls and elimination of the moisture-separating old windows. Drafty and inefficient windows actually act as moisture--separators, where frost and moisture shows on the sills and glazings. The attic should have the same relative humidity as the outdoor reading.

  One key to reducing attic mold, ventilation can reduce the water vapor present in the attic. Some homes have mixed exhaust vent types and it is not clear as to the cause of mold growth in the attic. Dead-air carries moisture laden air to the back side of the cold roof deck where it condenses, sometimes showing as frost on the nails and wood. The attic becomes an environment where literal raining occurs and the attic floor becomes the recipient of the condensing moisture. Insulation is rendered useless as it loses its insulative qualities, with the trapped air pockets being compressed. Like a wet tee-shirt, where you are chilled even in the summer, the insulation becomes heat-sucking rather than heat reflective. The result is more moisture and more mold growth. An unhealthy attic is not only expensive but it is unhealthy.
  Take Control

When considering a mold removal company, does it not make sense to engage the services of a full-service professional contractor that can meet whatever need encountered? Does it not make sense to rely upon the expertise of a full service company? Self-serving ?one trick pony? contractors tend to sell just the work for which they are acclimated. Many times, a single-service company offers only one element of the solution and the result is total failure with the return of mold and related problems. Do not be feared into purchasing a partial solution! Did you know that many government agencies recommend using two separate companies, one to test for mold, and one to remove the mold? This approach will allow you the freedom to choose the best company to remove the mold devoid of self-serving pressure from the testing company.

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