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Chimney Repair Ardmore, Pa

We would rather focus on the good work that we do but it is very important that the consumer know a few things about Chimney Repairs in Ardmore, PA. Please read our related pages linked below the photos. It takes more than a mason and the ?difference between an applicator and a tradesman is in the details,? and it may make the difference in your avoidance of costly mistakes.

Chimney Repair Ardmore Pa
Before tree damage (Google Earth) and shows a two-piece stone top.
repairs to chimney ardmore pa
chimney repair company ardmore
Tree damage (left) and New Stone (one piece) Top Hoisted into place.
chimney repair completed ardmore pa
(Above) Chimney repair completed with one piece stone top and sub-level Crown Wash (better than original).
Common Problems with Chimney Repairs
chimney needing repair   chimney repairs needed
Poor repair methods destroys chimney (left) and neglect on Crown Wash causes destruction (right). Below: Closeup shot of Brick destroyed by poor re-pointing methods:
chimney repair pointing
CHimney Flashing Ardmore Pa
Chimney Repair (This page is a must read especially regarding pointing and crown wash issues).
Ardmore Roof Repair
  Chimney Flashing Ardmore Pa
Chimney Flashing    

Often, Brick construction is done wrong in the first place: Brick Screen Walls

Chimney Repair Ardmore

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