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PROPER VENTILATION PREVENTS ICE DAMS (Please be patient - This Presentation will take a moment to load)


As Ice Dams on top of the roof, Mold may be growing in the attic.



Downloadable Adobe *.PDF - Book from Air Vent, Inc. that started a revolution: Principles of Attic Ventilation




Cheap Roofing is not cheap



Sometimes, however, proper ventilation is very hard to achieve and circumstances necessitate powerful measures to guarantee results. Click on the image to visit this job photo page which includes graphic examples of haphazard attempts at repair and the damage incurred over a 15+ year struggle with unknowledgeable contractors and the leaks caused by the wrong approach.


Ask an expert and gain valuable knowledge.
roof ice dam caused by simple bathroom exhaust

The image above is from a job in progress where an insulation contractor installed blown insulation without a vapor barrier, nor did he he even care about the fact that there was inadequate ventilation. Result: Moisture in the Attic! We installed the proper ventilation and suggested a vapor barrier that would resolve the issues, but we found an ice dam in the rear caused by a bathroom ventilator that exhausted into a snow drift that froze and blocked roof drainage.

ice dam forming

The image above is an ice dam forming on a home that has very little attic insulation. A "hot-spot" causes irregular melting of the snow and the "bridge effect" caused the freezing on the edge. A subsequent rain or snow event could be devastating with influxes of water that could ruin the interior of the home. **Note the "bridge effect" is the unventilated roof edge that is colder than the attic, similar to bridge on a roadway that freezes before the road over land.


Occasionally, there are circumstances where we must get proactive in our preventative measures to ensure that ice and snow dams at eave’s edge will not create blockages to the melting precipitation. To the left is just one of those situations. With zero intake ventilation available, this was a troubled hot spot on the roof. Ice and snow would melt very easily from this roof area because of the relative “dead” attic beneath it that supplied continuous warmth to the area. The problem arose every year as the melting precipitation met the cold scupper box and froze almost instantly. The ensuing blockage at roof’s eave would grow to exceed the roof slope and the influx of water was devastating.

Solution: Electric Thermostatically Controlled, Hard Wired, Ice and Snow Melt System that prevents ice dams.

Manual Switch provides peace of mind during warm weather so that the client can turn the system off.
Copper Scupper Box (isolated from Aluminum Spout) provides the integrity of soldered valley splash base. Thermostat sits awaiting the cold weather to enable the ice and snow melt system that runs down the entire vertical of the downspout and back up the roof 36”.

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Ventilation Page

Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dam Answers Interactive


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