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Not your average Roofing Company, we have seen three and one-half decades of success in an industry frequented by the novice.


Often we see the remnants of the inexperienced roofing companies that endeavor to service the roofs of Newtown, Pa. It is often better to draw up a plan on your current conditions than to take action with a novice that does not understand that the implications of many improper repairs can be devastating not only in cost but in the health of the inhabitants of the property.
Many of the jobs we do involve rectifying problems caused by workers of the General Contractors in the building trades. The original builders and even those building additions often do not understand many of the potential problems that can be created by novice subcontractors and inexperienced workers.







Authentic Bucks County, Pa. Tin Standing Seam Roof ( Terne Coated Steel - Hand Fashioned - Tinknocker Style) ...Read about the history of sheet metal roofing in the United States  
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Turn of the century Loduwici Tile Roof - Restoration & Recycling  
We offer emergency repair services for storm damage on your roof, siding, gutters, windows, interior. Actually we do the work of a General Contractor, but we do not like that term, as we want nothing that we do considered "general." We are craftsmen that know our trades.  

We are very experienced in all of the trades and it is important to have a strong background in problem resolution from every aspect of the construction arena. This cannot be understated because in this era of the specialized contractor, many times one tradesman will miss something that will drastically affect the future of a home. Especially with the ventilation of a roof, the air-sealing of an attic, upgrades and additions to the home, even something as simple as adding insulation to the attic can cause condensation and mold. Any improvement has the potential to cause major problems if something is missed. We know because we do the mold remediation in the Newtown area.

A leaky roof can cause mold also. That is common knowledge but for mold to appear out of nowhere, the cause usually stems from some home improvement recently completed that changes the dynamics of the structure. Read more on our extensive website.

We are Slate, Tile, Cedar,Asphalt Shingle, Copper Roofing Experts. We repair every type of roof in the Newtown area.

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Period Accuracy: Newtown has some older structures that require proper planning when making an alteration.


We are historically astute in dealing with Period Accurate additions, sidings, cornice and guttering. We believe that in addition to the job performing as it should, the alteration should fit the original theme of the structure.



The older homes have several benefits, even though it often seems like they are difficult to maintain. One such item that is very significant is that of :"Old Growth" vs. :"New Growth Wood." The older homes are built with Old Growth and this is very significant when it comes to problem resolution. New Growth Wood rots much quicker and it entertains mold growth much easier.

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Federal Style Restoration - Copper Standing Seam Bay
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Contrary to the industry standards, we don't believe in the "housewrap mentality," something we have written about extensively on this site. Roofing and roofing repair often relies upon a heavy dependence of underlayments. This has become rampant in the industry. These ideas have been pushed into the roofing and siding marketplace by manufacturers with accompanying vague specifications (that allows deniability in event of problem caused by improper use). Actual primary roof flashings are compromised because of the idea that underlayment will pick up the potential roof leak and protect the structure. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Copper Built-In Gutter Relining & Slate Roof Repair

We know how to do the job right. When it comes to peace of mind, you will know that you have seasoned professionals working on your property. We do not use subcontractors.

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We write about these topics extensively on our 3000+ website.  We are often approached by architects and government officials to help educate them on the real-world implications of the trends in the industry.   Please feel free to read through our expert commentary on our website as it was produced to help the consumer as well as advertise our wares.

Folk Victorian Restoration, Insulation Project, James Hardie Siding
Please visit our website. We have over 3000 pages to help you become better educated in a pragmatic and tangible way regarding our trades and our philosophies toward them. Custom Garage to Match Folk Victorian Bucks County
Custom Garage to Match Folk Victorian Home





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