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If you want it done right, let an Old World Craftsman take a look at your roofing issue.

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We repair all types roofs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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Either from adverse weather or poor workmanship, your roof may need repair.

The roofing industry sadly, by its very nature creates the need for repair of the various types of roofing systems in the Delaware Valley, Pa. The average roofing contractor in the Philadelphia area is not gifted with the ability nor the desire to have the skills of a craftsman. Partly because of the very hard nature of the business and party because of the ease that transients can enter the field, roofing is plagued with more of the ill-equipped and the lesser skilled than any of the trades.

"....the choices in the industry that seem reputable may not be skilled craftsmen."

For the consumer the choices in the roofing industry that seem reputable may not be skilled craftsmen. The trade is largely a young man's profession because of the very physical nature of the roofing trade. By the time a roofer becomes skilled in the many arts of roofing, he is about ready to retire. In the past, the youth would be mentored as journeymen under the older roofing craftsmen, but we have had a massive shift in the roofing industry in the last few decades.

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We are roofing professionals with 35 years of service to the industry.

"...old roofing artisans left without passing the baton."

The replacement roofing workforce has come from afar and speaking foreign languages. These immigrants have continued the roofing trade but little communication has been translated to this wave of little skilled youth. The old roofing artisans left without passing the baton. A new race was started. This race was one of profit. As the economy boomed the ill-skilled youth answered the call while newly educated personnel were hired by the roofing manufacturers. At the corporate level of the roofing manufacturers, old roofers were not consulted but new ideas were introduced. Roofing Contractors were certified based upon volume, not quality. Especially in the asphalt roofing shingle industry, the new ideas were not good for the industry. As the roofing materials went down in quality, methods were changed to favor ridiculous ideas like using underlayments as primary protection. Please read our thoughts on this or simply search: ?The Underlayment Craze.? We have also put up videos on this topic.

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FYI: Most repair estimates are given to rectify either poor workmanship or incidences of severe weather.




"...bad workmanship is compounded by poor methodology..."

Profits were made and the seeming hope was that in the real estate turnover with a booming economy, everyone would forget and a new cycle of roofing purchases of new roofs would continue when those before prematurely failed. In our industry bad workmanship is compounded by poor methodology endorsed by the roofing manufacturers. Virtually gone is sound roofing practice as it has been traded for new age methodology practiced by novices. We are here to meet these challenges with better ideas and better methods that are not new, but tried and true.

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We repair all types of roofing systems in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We do emergency roof repair.

"We are here to meet these challenges with better ideas and better methods that are not new, but tried and true."

You may be experiencing a problem with your roof and if you are, you need a qualified professional. FSI Restorations has the experience that goes back to 1978 and our trade knowledge was passed down to us by true artisans of the trades. We hold these Old World Craftsmen Ideals with extreme reverence passing the baton to our on-staff journeymen. Call us to take a look at your roofing problem and you will get the truth and if you choose us to repair your roof, you will be happy that you did.

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