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We encourage those in the market for new siding on their homes to scour the internet for information regarding the product in which they are interested.  We must carefully measure our words as we have been warned not to disparage certain types of siding, in light of Federal Antitrust Laws.   Our focus has always been to educate the consumer, however our industry is chock-full of misinformation and mechanically incorrect installation methodology. 

All over the internet, you can find forums where homeowners discuss leaking problems with siding.

j channel sends water behind the siding VS. water rolls off

Which installation would you want on your home?

We explain further on our 'J' Channel Page .

What if your siding leak is not from the siding? - Caution - Don't buy into the house wrap-up salesman's claims either. This will not solve your problems. Click here for PHANTOM LEAKS

Take a look at how ridiculous it can get when siding is leaking and an “expert” tries to make it right with underlayments and band-aides and other hocus pocus.

It is a shame that the times of the astute and caring career old world craftsmen that were aware of such issues has faded. What we have today is a majority of roofing & siding installers that remain in the trade only a few years, never to really learn and to grow as seasoned journeymen and to mature in the trade and to pass it along to the next generation.

We have the seasoned craftsmen that mentor our journeymen to maturity in their trades.

The best siding for your home.. and the best people to do it for you.

Siding Myth #1 Shattered: New Siding will not save you on Energy Bills!

Water leaking behind siding can cause mold. How bad can it get? See mold behind vinyl siding. See mold behind cedar siding - mold inside walls.

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