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Moisture is a real problem in many homes and this can be caused by modern retrofit applications of energy saving upgrades. Green Construction is more than a marketing ploy, it is a philosophy of fitting and proper construction techniques employed in an informed approach that yields permanent and trouble-free satisfaction. Even one upgrade element such as new windows can cause a domino affect where new issues arise with moisture and mold problems. 

hygrometer reading
Make sure to have your home's relative indoor humidity checked.
Attic Moisture, Mold & Rot Answers Interactive Presentation: Click Here
Moisture and Condensation Feed Mold
The trends of the modern energy conservation in residential construction, especially older homes,have presented the remodeling industry with challenges. Homes are commonly retrofitted with new windows and insulation and sidings with House-Wrap style barriers. All of these measures can be valid; however, the key element of moisture condensation and mold is the most misunderstood concept among home renovators.
In the Northeast Climate, one must consider the balance between an interior barrier and an external barrier.

Mold in the Attic
The presence of mold in the attic is clear evidence that moisture is present at least part of the year. In the climate of the Northeast, winter provides a perfect environment, in some attics, for mold to flourish. The ?warm attic syndrome? is a condition where attic insulation, ventilation and possible air leakage into the attic, are contributing to moisture and temperatures favorable for mold growth. Readily present in the environment, mold will grow if it has food, undisturbed moisture and warmth. The type of mold we find in attics is of the type that feeds on dead organic material and thrives in darkness. This organism is simple to destroy if you get it early. Mold grows and reproduces quickly, so it is important to move quickly. If you suspect that you have a mold problem, you should call us for a free evaluation. Mold is serious business! Especially in your home, mold can wreak havoc on your family's health, even causing death in extreme cases. Asthma and allergies can be aggravated to a point that death occurs. Some will say this emphasis on mold is overrated. For some, mild cases of mold do not make a big difference in the quality of life. In the attic however, hidden from view, mold can gain a footing that will make life miserable. In most cases attic mold grows without encumbrance because it is hidden from daily life. The moisture that feeds mold many times ruins the attic insulation and the heating bills warrant a trip up and into the attic spaces to inspect the insulation. It is usually at this time, when the mold is thriving in the winter months, that homeowners realize they have an attic mold problem.


Tightening Up Homes to conserve Energy and Fostering Mold
The very practice of tightening up homes for energy efficiency can result in new moisture and mold formations and problems. We know - we get the calls every winter, usually subsequent to new home renovation work (by others) that has been done for purposes of tightening up a home. The creation of new concentrations of moisture and/or Dew Points by misguided contractors can become monumental problems for the homeowner. Mold and Mildew in the attic tend to grow quickly. We endeavor to prevent these issues in all of our installations.

Read how adding extra attic insulation often causes more moisture!


Insurance Companies Are Approving New Roof Installations To Alleviate Mold Issues In The Attic
It is common that
homeowners make the mistake of having a roof replaced, along with the roof decking, to remediate mold problems. This is often done without treating the mold first. Never could a bigger mistake be made! One big problem is that the insurance industry is approving the replacement of roofs without treating the mold first! The shaking up of mold spores only spreads the mold spores all over the attic! The spores lie in wait till moisture arrives in the winter months again and the cycle returns but in many more areas than the original problem! If you have mold in your attic, a single trade company cannot help you to eliminate your problem! Replacing your roof decking alone will cause you major problems later when the mold returns with a vengeance. Call us. The inspection and detailed estimate are free. The knowledge gained, the health problems averted and cost savings will be priceless.



If you have a mold problem, who should you call?



1. A mold remediation firm.

Will a mold remediation firm be able to offer a true solution that will eliminate the problem? Mold remediation companies can offer mold killing solutions, but can they really prevent the return of the problem that caused the mold to take hold in the first place?



2. Specialty Contractor.

Will a contractor be able to eliminate the mold and give you a solution that will keep mold from returning? Too many contractors are specialists in a single trade and these "one trick ponies" will often only offer a partial solution based upon their own limited abilities and offerings. This leads to heartache almost every time it is tried.


Call a company that has experience not only in mold but in the many facets of construction, including insulation, ventilation, masonry, siding, roofing and restoration. Get a warranty and have peace of mind knowing that you have found the source of the moisture, and have eradicated not only the mold problem but the source of the problem.

Call Us! We will:

1. Properly diagnose the problem.
2. Meter every room, basement,crawl space, attic of your house for moisture and check for the tell-tale signs of moisture escaping from the living area, or water leaks in your home that feed mold growth.
3. Offer you a real solution based upon decades of experience that will permanently solve your mold problem.

Many inexperienced contractors will offer a solution based upon a bleach application. First you must consider that bleach is not an effective solution and only deals with the surface mold. The roots are left to supply a new and often greater resurgence of the problem. Heavy chlorine usage with products like TILEX will take care of the mold but the process may be harmful to you, your family or pets. Heavy fumes are produced by the chlorine when used in a mix powerful enough to kill mold dead.

Mold is an aquatic plant organism. A shift in the ph is often all that is required to kill mold. This can be achieved without harmful fumes and with permanent success! We use a gentile high alkaline surfactant and encapsulate the mold in the same step. Easy, fast, permanent and affordable!

In addition to eliminating the present mold problem, we track down the root cause while also killing the mold at the roots. It is so important that you stop the moisture that enables the return of the mold problem.

Mold Remediation and Mold Abatement: Why these terms?


Bad building practice causes Mold problems . . . .and Mold is serious business - even once considered a

"Plague" of Biblical Proportion: 

Not to be taken lightly: Some strong measures were taken against mold since the times of old:
Mold plague of biblical proportion
Mold never sleeps and once introduced into an environment, it will await the onset of increased moisture to grow and multiply.  Read how proper ventilation, not just added vents, but a balanced system can help.  Learn how to meter the amount of moisture contained in interior air.  Learn the proper amount of moisture and ways to find the causes and remedy the situation. 


Conditions that promote mold: Moisture, Warmth, and Food (Organic material)

Proper roof ventilation can be the answer to many of these problems. Visit the following links to find out more about how to inhibit mold growth or decrease the level of conditions that favor mold growth and summer severe heat buildup that threaten many homes' roofs and structures:

Mixing Vents & Black Mold

  Here is an example of a home that had too many mixed exhaust vent types and the intended convective flow was compromised. Mold took over......
Do not mix   The result of mixing exhaust vent types, or installing too many vents is a lot like what happens when you try to drink through a straw that has a hole. The hole in the straw kills the suction from the lower end.
Why we Insist   Read why we insist upon inspecting your attic situation.
Fiberglass Roofing must be ventilated properly   Asphalt/Fiberglass based roofing will not hold up to high heat conditions
Warranties are voided   Roofing manufacturers void warranties for inadequate ventilation.
We evaluate your situation and you receive an FHA Ventilation Footprint recommendation for Validation of your Roofing Warranty! Otherwise, no matter how good it sounds, your roof warranty may as well be written on swiss cheese - It is full of holes!
Warm Air is a Moisture Conduit
It is not the outside conditions such as the wind, but interior heat that is the conduit that carries with it most of the harmful moisture within residential dwellings. The sources of the most damaging moisture are not rain or snow or ice from the outside, but the very every day activities that produce water vapor within the home. This vapor is picked up and carried by warm air. Whatever the humidity level within a home during the winter, warm moisture laden air escapes the living area of the dwelling. Just as your breath immediately will fog the inside of your cold automobile’s windshield in the winter, so will warm attic air carry moisture up to the back side of the cold roof deck and there, drop its moisture. The nails of the installed roofing system, transfer cold right into the attic space. Frost can often be seen inside the attic, especially forming on the nail shanks. The attic can then take on a terrarium effect and actual rain-like precipitation begins to fall onto the attic floor.

New Growth Wood is also a consideration if your home is of the age where this type of lumber was used to construct it.  New Growth Wood is a faster deteriorating, less dense wood.   

In addition to the moisture showing up inside the attic, the very same issues that cause attic moisture can also cause destructive ice dams on rooftops. Read how to prevent ice dams.

Mold, Mildew and rot all feed on moisture and frost on the nails in your attic is evidence that you have too much moisture or not enough ventilation or too warm of an attic space.

frost on nail shanks in poorly ventilated attic

Frost appears on Nails in the Attic
Like your breath on the windshield of your car in the winter, moisture condenses on nails and roof sheathing within the attic. This is an extremely unhealthy situation! Mold and mildew grows when it has moisture, heat and food. Allergies are aggravated and mold can be lethal to asthma sufferers, etc. Eradication of the mold is possible but it will return with a vengeance if you do not root out the causes and destroy the elements that feed the organism. Homeowners are making the mistake of contacting the "one trick ponies" of the industry that offer only one aspect of a solution. In the case of insulation, many homeowners have additional insulation installed and the problem increases! Moisture begins to rain down in the attic, compressing the new insulation and rendering it useless! Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate to fix the problem with a comprehensive approach that entails in-depth analysis.


Moist Fiberglass Insulation
In most attics, fiberglass insulation is on the attic floor. When this insulation which relies on trapped air pockets to perform gets wet, it flattens out and looses its insulative properties. Mold often grows in moist, warm attics as mold spores are carried by air and can be found virtually anywhere. The overall heath of the inhabitants of the dwelling is at risk in serious cases. A comparison has been made before, that when a person takes a tee shirt prematurely out of the dryer and puts it on, it becomes readily apparent to that person that a rapid loss of body heat from the damp garment is occurring. That person gets a chill from having worn a slightly damp garment. This is similar to the condition of insulation that begins to get wet from falling condensation in the attic. Heat from the home is drawn into moist, cooler insulation, just like that damp tee shirt. The insulation barrier that is supposed to be an energy conservation asset and reflect heat has now become a liability, and the heating system is working harder and using more energy. The degree of moisture within the insulation that causes this effect cannot always be detected by feeling the fiberglass with the human hand.

Vapor Barriers
Millions of dollars are haphazardly spent on Vapor Barriers and Air Barriers every year. The emphasis has been on the outside of the building during renovation work. This tightening of the shell of the building actually causes more problems for moisture condensation, especially in the attic. New underlayment techniques are providing barriers that when cold, cause warm, moisture laden air to drop its moisture. Hence the "Air Barriers" may become "Vapor Barriers." whatever the perm rating, given inadequate planning and methodologies. These "weather barriers" can cause mold inside of walls!

We provide you with a written ventilation recommendation based upon government specifications. With this form and your new roof, you have added value and assurance that your roofing system will last the test of time.




Moisture From Improper Exterior Siding Work

Phantom Leaks

When Siding Leaks

Vinyl Siding - expected to leak by 'experts'


Call us or drop an email (click below) for an estimate and we will be happy to explain.



Attic mold under your roof is a serious problem that should be addressed by a mold remediation expert.
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