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Vines may provide a certain natural ambiance, but at a cost you may not want to pay.

Vine Growth affords a neat look at a great cost to the building
In Deal, NJ, this Brick Mansion on the New Jersey Shoreline was covered in vine growth that exacerbated the damage from leaks in the wall and caused major and irreversible structural changes.

Vines draw in moisture and cause major damage
The vines had a strangle hold on this home, holding in moisture, rusting out lintels and breaking mortar joints.
Vines removed
Vine growth was substantial.
Vine formed a strangle hold onto the brick
The hold on the wall was so strong a mirror image can be seen on the back side of the vine growth.
Rusted Lintels heaved the walls
Steel Lintels rusted to 7-1/2 times original size, heaving the walls of this home, twisting sills, warping solid walls.
Rusted Lintels heave the walls
This Lintel had rusted and swolen to heave the wall upwards.
Lintels Rust
The ongoing story of our work on this home can be read here.

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Website written by, Robert Wewer 

Website written by, Robert Wewer