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Offer only the Goods and Services
That  are  the Finest  in the Industry,
Of  the  Lowest  Environmental Impact,
Of  Long  and  Lasting Value  to our  clients,
That Improve Energy Conservation and Savings,
Endeavoring to truly Enhance our Environment,
And to minimize the burden we place upon it,
In today?s economy and in tomorrow?s,
To affect change within our trades,
For the betterment of us all.


Green Construction Book

The Homeowner’s Practical Guide to: Green Exterior Home Improvements is a tell-all booklet that will empower homeowners with a wealth of knowledge when dealing with the issues of common concern.  The issues covered are often misunderstood by today’s specialty tradesmen that rarely stay in the industry long enough to learn the impact of their daily vocations.  Written by a thirty (plus) year veteran of the trades, its practical knowledge will impart to the reader the ability to sniff out the unknowledgeable contractors and those that don’t care about your best interests.   The book takes off from the information contained on this website and furthers the homeowners’ knowledge to make them discerning consumers.  Millions of dollars are wasted every year on costly home ‘improvements,’ that do not serve the best interests of the homeowner.

This book of 14 chapters and about 116 pages really puts the power of knowledge and facts into the hands of the average consumer.  Some of the conclusions are based on field observations over many years of industry involvement by our crews and our management team.  All that information from all field mechanics and representatives is assembled in a rare, if not exclusive look into the construction industry.  Questions listed below can and will be answered by the readers of this book:

What is Green Construction?
What is New Growth Wood?
Does New Growth Wood Decay Faster than Old Growth Wood?
Are Industry Standards becoming less quality driven?
Are Manufacturers affecting Building Codes?
What Industry Products and Methodology cause Leaks?
Why do High Quality Paints Fail on my Home?
What causes Hidden Leaks?
Why is there Frost in My Attic?
Why do I have Icicles on the Nails in my Attic?
How do I stop Ice Dams from forming on the  Eaves of my Home?
How does Roof Ventilation Work?
Can my Slate or Tile Roof be Recycled?
What is the best Metal Flashing?
Can metals be mixed with success?
How does Cedar affect Copper?
What is Electrolysis and what is Metal Nobility?
What is the Galvanic Scale?
What Siding is being installed on millions of homes that is known to leak?
Would you consider the purchase of a newly constructed home after reading this book?
How much Moisture is acceptable and how do I measure it?

Much work has been put into this book and as a result of inspections of thousands of homes and projects stemming over several decades of service to the industry. Valuable insight will be imparted to the reader of this book.  The above questions and many more are clearly explored in this new book. The content is direct, geared to the laymen and devoid of confusing techno-speak. Pragmatism is the spirit by which this book delivers real and clear answers to common problems.   It is a simple read with in-depth descriptions, pictures, graphs it and makes it easy to understand commonly misunderstood concepts. “Even architects and engineers can benefit from this hands-on book. 

Check back soon as this publication is in print. Get your copy soon as it is slated to publish in early 2009. It will be available on this website and on


A sneek preview is available of the New Growth Wood information.

Limited amout of previews are allowed - Click below.

Preview of New Growth Wood - Field Longevity....Chapter 4







The term "GREEN" is the most abused phrase in today's marketplace. The term has become a sales gimmick and it seems arguments for every product are being made to grab onto the GREEN Bandwagon. A really Green approach: (Our movie page - large files but worth the wait)

The vast majority of our jobs are anticipated to last for 100 years or more.  Thereby, our clients are not contributing to the viscous cycle of “temporary retrofitting” that is causing great strain on our environment and the landfill industry.  The “temporary retrofitting,” as we refer to it, is really the status quo of our industry.  The drive for most contractors tends to be the meeting of the “perceived goals” of the majority of the public.  We contend that given the educated choice, many consumers would make a choice for premium services and to install products of significant value, fully expected to far outlast the mortgage on their homes.  We have endeavored to expose the lies within the industry and the warranties of worthlessness that are being sold as “true value.” 

The best way to ensure a quality and lasting job is to engage the services of a contractor that knows the industry and shares your vision.  The call from the public is for “maintenance free” exteriors.  We are here to educate you that there is no such thing, but there is strong reason to believe that with minimal attention and upkeep, a real exterior of solid materials and workmanship will deliver lifetimes of enjoyment, value, and real watershed protection

We recycle all debris.  Unlike many companies within our industry, we install “low environmental impact” products that last a long, long time and contribute to less stress on the environment than the products of the status quo.  We use post consumer recycled products whenever possible. We stay away from petrochemically produced products that don't perform as promised.

We reject the “quick fix” approach to home improvements and the systems and products that cause great stress on our environment.  In following our simple example, we feel the industry is awakening and turning from the “Tin Man” mentality. 

The “Tin Man” mentality of the twentieth century has flourished since post WWII.  It has been a "Cover-All” mentality that FSI & company has exposed and revealed as a fraud.  Our company has been threatened by the power brokers of this industry to take down specific references to certain products and we have complied with federal law in doing so. We still say, however, that neither does the “Cover-All” mentality protect, any more than it lasts.  Landfills are filled with home improvements that only last for a decade or two, and with the rotting wood produced by a failed philosophy.  Our industry has sold itself to chasing the “perceived goals,” or should we say the “dreams” of the American Homeowner.  There are a few in this business that will always buck this trend.  Those that appreciate real craftsmanship won’t lend themselves to a lie.  Yes, we just called this “Cover-All” mentality a lie!

These "Tin Man," or "Cover-All" retrofits are cheaper, but are not always cheaper for the homeowner as crafty sales people build value on a lie that is not even known to them. That is right, they don't even know and what is worse the installers that follow don't either.  Yes, that is right; these folks don’t even know that the goods and services they sell and install are prone to failure, and for the unsuspecting homeowners, even much less is understood. The reason is that most people working in the business don't stay in it long enough to really learn the trade, plain and simple. And so goes the trend, one that keeps on going and repeating itself. We say "NO!" to the trend, the mindset, the methodology that yields a flawed trade.

With the Tin Man trades in the post WWII also came the beginnings of New Growth Wood production. The harvest of New Growth Wood in our days and the use of it in New Construction, combined with leaking exteriors, should be of great concern to homeowners.

Everyone says they are the best, but we will only install the best.  We will not offer products and services, within which we do not have full faith.   You will not get second best from us.  You will, however be educated as to the right way to approach your project for a lasting job and one that upholds and embraces the architectural intent of your home. We offer options; however the options we offer will perform and fit our simple mission.

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Website written by, Robert Wewer 

Website written by, Robert Wewer