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Roofing Consultant Philadelphia area Robert Wewer.Robert Wewer Roofing Inspections - Consultations Do you need an expert to evaluate a roofing issue? We offer on site analysis, written reports along with photo mark-ups on any roofing situation. Just contact Robert Wewer to set up an appointment.  ROOF AND STUCCO LEAK DIAGNOSIS CONSULTANTS

..."because "experts" miss things.."

We are experts in all of the above but we do not leave off at the roof. Damages below the roof line must be ascertained and repaired. Philadelphia Mold Testing & Inspections.

Note: This entire web site. of over 3000 pages was written by Mr. Wewer. He operates a business related to contracting but will approach every situation independently in the consulting capacity. Robert's work speaks for itself as a careful review of this web site will verify that his observations are independent and not beholden to manufacturers, other influencing entities or clients. He will not color a consultation report to favor anyone's position.

Pragmatism in Roofing and related inspections and consulting

"I learned the trades by physically doing the work, repairing and rectifying the mistakes of others, respecting the outstanding work of the tradesmen that preceded me and by inspecting thousands of buildings over many years. I have been chasing leaks for over 35 years. I know the various roofing systems intimately. Experience is the best teacher. New age ideas and methods have crept in and are often the cause of major roofing problems. Workforces are increasingly less experienced and the journeyman no longer pays his dues learning the trades. Quickly man power is thrusted onto the scene often of unknown credentials and origin. The baton is no longer passed onto the youth by the seasoned American craftsmen to the American journeymen under their tutelage. The value of experience has been lost to the worker-commodity in a profit oriented industry. Even old school natural roofing systems where the guidelines were set over a hundred years ago are affected by new age methods. The “newcomers” to the trades in contracting, manufacturing and specifying have new ideas and altered mind sets. Much of this originates at the manufacturer level and with antiquated building codes, reverting to self-serving manufacturer "new age" specifications is the norm. Of these affects the modern architects, engineers and specifiers have not escaped. Unraveling the confusion is my job. " - Robert Wewer

It has come to our attention that there are operators in the industry that offer water tests on residential properties. DO NOT DO THIS! Scientific water tests have been used on commercial properties that are made up of multi-layered or differing layers of underlay, however this is never intended to be used on wood based substrate roofing systems. Warranties have been completely voided because of the damage caused by the unknowing, unskilled ‘inspectors’ that shoot water everywhere on the sidewall cladding, etc. DO NOT SO THIS without consulting a professional that knows something about the down-line damage that can occur.

With property inspectors it is said that they are inspectors because they cannot make it as a contractor. While we don’t want to disparage those that endeavor to bring answers where there seems to be few, we must agree that the industry of paid building investigations is plagued with failed contractors.

copper roof turretHand Crafted Copper Turret by Bob Wewer

Robert Wewer is a veteran of over 35 years in the trades. Since 1978, he has been involved with roofing and the related fields. His knowledge transcends the single trade mind set and is extensive. More than mere Roof Consulting, Moisture mitigation is more of his passion. Whether it be a vapor issue where moisture has migrated from within the structure to the dew points on the exterior, or from an actual active leak, he will find the cause of moisture within a structure where a typical Roofing Consultant may only focus on the roof. His experience has helped many homeowners, architects, engineers and contractors to get to the bottom of moisture issues that pose a threat to health, finances and business reputation. It is imperative that your roofing consultant look at more than the roof in problem situations. Often the problem resides in far more than just the roof, either in resultant damage or in damage to the roof itself, causing it to fail.

Robert Wewer's Youtube Channel: Although Robert is a newcomer to youtube, his work is beginning to be noticed by industry professionals. Robert Wewer's Google+ account is very telling of the banter he is stirring up as when he exposes or comments on issues, it makes industry inspectors and insiders respond, many times exposing their own lack of knowledge.

Examples of Bob's dedication to the industry in calling out and publishing problems and errors in building practices:
Minimum Roof Slope for Shingles LOW SLOPED ROOFING SHINGLES Bob takes on the accepted status quo regarding "low slope" roofing shingle application and even the manufacturer specifications that call low slopes within range with ice and water underlay.


ROOFING SHINGLE WARRANTIES Roofing Shingle Warranty Hoax is explained on the Roofing Shingle page.

new growth wood consultant

Bob was the very first to sound the alarm in 2004 regarding the accelerated deterioration of "New Growth Wood" softwoods used in framing and Cedar Siding.The lumber industry clouds the truth in industry techno-speak.

mold inside wall MOLD INSIDE WALLS Many times "experts" are left scratching their heads, tearing off roofs and siding to find the cause of a "leak" that does not exist. This is common! Interior moisture vapor condenses within the wall and it comes from the inside!

Roofing Consultant UNDERLAYMENT CRAZE Bob calls out the industry on improper use of ice and water underlayments on youtube video.
Siding Consultant    
VINYL SIDING LEAKS Bob takes on the Vinyl Siding industry for making materials known to leak.  
Since 2004 this page has been up expounding upon the industry's reliance upon underlayments as primary watershed agents. Bob dubbed this phenomena "The Underlayment Craze" back then on January 1, 2004.    

  'J' Channels in sidewall cladding and the leaks caused.  

COPPER UNDER CEDAR WASH Bob has engaged the industry on the hotly debated topic of the use of copper flashings on cedar roofing.dsz


  Examples of mold caused by bad siding practices.  

COPPER & METAL ROOFING Bob engages in banter with disillusioned copper mechanic that thinks standing seamed roof is a good system down to 1/4 inch per foot in rise. Low Sloped Copper

Bob explains the best practice for seams in Copper Box, Integral, Yankee and Built-in Gutters.


INSULATION Insulation installers are up in arms as Bob stands true to the fact that insulation installed directly behind asphalt shingle shortens shingle life cycle.

insulation consultant Bob's warning regarding installing Blown-in insulation directly over existing insulation with total disregard for Air Sealing can be disastrous.

Validation of the above "indiscriminate installation of attic insulation directly over existing insulation."


MOISTURE VAPOR CONDENSATION Bob takes on a home inspector regarding interior moisture issues and points out the lack of knowledge being displayed in his video.

    VENTILATION Bob points out the fallacy in looking to attic ventilation as a cure for attic moisture.  

The above are just a few of the more controversial topics Bob has taken head-on. He will find the cause of your moisture problem and document its cause, whether or not it is related to a roofing issue with the same vigor and forthrightness.

Roof Consulting












Have you had problems with a roofing job? Do you need answers from an expert? Possibly you need advice on how to move forward and you don't want to make a mistake in engaging the services of a roofing contractor. You may need detailed specifications on intricate work that your architect has been unable to provide. Trade knowledge of not only roofing, but building science is imperative. Often the roofing consultant will document defiencies in flashings, membrane details, etc., but what about the resultant damage? Harmful Mold, Mildew and Rot follow roofing issues and focusing only on the topside membrane, shingles, flashings, etc. leaves out improtant data. What do you do now? How much it will cost? Do you call in yet another "expert?" Special situations require an independent expert that has extensive experience in all facets of construction, along with roofing expertise.

Contractor Issues:

Often in the pressures of bidding on jobs, contractors will take an easy way out in order to keep the price low and the results can be devastating. Often it is after a bad experience we get the call. Sometimes our clients have had bad luck before and they just want it right before they engage the services of a roofing contractor. Sometimes the roofer himself is getting the blame for a problem that was not caused by his workmanship. An independent roofing consultant working for you, not trying to sell you anything, but just documenting the truth can go a long way to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Job Specifics:

The roofing trades are actually several trades wrapped under the “Roofing” umbrella. Specialists in one, or two types of roofing will over extend their abilities into areas where they are not qualified. From Slate, Tile, Metal, Wood, Integral Gutter Linings, Ventilation, Low Sloped Rubber, PVC, Modified Bitumen and Hot Asphalt, we have the expertise and have installed these products for decades.

Roofing Warranties:

Manufacturers tend to find loopholes in warranties to get out of paying on claims. Warranties mandate certain guidelines in construction for coverage, but often specifications and contractor training in these areas is nonexistent. With the materials becoming less quality oriented and warranties increasing in fine print, an independent expert can untangle the situation so that you can be reimbursed not only for the roof but for the resultant damage. In a sick way, complexities and ancillary issues are often welcomed by manufacturers in warranty issues. We are no friends of Roofing Manufacturers. When they are wrong, we record and document the issue and bolster our findings with historical data and specifications. Simple proof of our independence has been the threat of lawsuits from big manufacturers for information contained on this web site. A threat is just a threat and the truth is the truth and that is what sometimes causes a stir.


Ventilation is a key component, especially in the heat-vulnerable roofing systems such as fiberglass based asphalt roofing shingles. Versed in ventilation, mold remediation and moisture mitigation, siding, metallurgy, basement waterproofing, etc., you will get the most accurate inspection of any consultant in the area. Often lack of knowledge of associated trades can cause vulnerabilities in your position. We know how things should be done. We will work hard to evaluate and provide valuable independent reports that will uncover issues others overlook.

Mold Remediation and Basement Inspections:

It may seem out of place to be addressing mold remediation and basements but if you think about it, Where does the roof water go? It goes down, and hopefully away from the building. Many times it does not and underlying structural damage occurs even in the foundation problems arise along with mold issues. What if poor design results in water inside the walls? Will a roof consultant pick that up?

We are the most in-depth and accurate roofing consultant in the area. We work with attorneys, insurance companies, homeowners and businesses to reach the truth so that you are not left holding the bag.

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